Guitar Courses

Classical Guitar
The guitar courses that introduced in school are adopted from the guitar practical syllabus of The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and London College of Music Examinations (LCM), both from United Kingdom.There are two categories for this course; Preliminary Classical Guitar Course and Graded Classical Guitar Course. At each stage, it carries the specific aims and objectives that provide students in developing their musical sense and enrich their curiosity through wards the magnificent world of music.

This Preliminary Classical Guitar Course is designed for all students who have little or no musical background. The aims and objectives of Preliminary Course:

  • To encourage the building of good musical and technical foundations before pupils enter for graded exams.
  • To develop the musicianship of pupils.
  • To built the basics musical perception of students.

The aims and objectives of Graded Classical Guitar Guitar Course:

  • Motivation and inspiration, working from a carefully structured syllabus towards a definite goal.
  • A measure of personal progress and attainment against internationally recognized benchmarks.
  • An objective guide to improve your musical skills.
  • Assessment by a respected and independent musician who has been highly trained and is constantly monitored.
  • Sympathetic encouragement
  • Performance opportunities
  • A real sense of achievement
Pop Guitar For Leisure
Would you like to get know of pop guitar playing?

In this course, you will be introduced from how to hold a guitar, till you are able to strum and sing at the last lesson. The contents of this course including understanding the music-chards, notation, rhythm, structure of guitar and their types, plucking, strumming, study guitar tab, introduction of some famous repertoires and etc.

At the end of this course, the student will have a clear picture of pop guitar playing, just in 11 lessons!